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Quality Control: ( 质量控制 )
  • QC/Technical Support
    Our QC team is composed of 20 staff. You can totally count on quality products and services.
  • QC Staff
    20 to 29
  • Procedures/testing Details
    • Material/Component checking
    • Random checking of products
    • Inspection on finished products   
    • Each product checked before delivery
  • Our NEWEST Toi Outdoors Gear Manufacturer in Shanghai.CHINA
    ADD. NO 1006 Xinggui Road, Xingta Industrial Zone, Fengjing Town
    Jinshan District 201501, SHANGHAI. CHINA
    TEL:  +86 021-67353008
    FAX:  +86 021-67353009
    MOVE: +86 13957351539

  •   ZhongYi Imp & Exp Co Ltd 
    1,  Provide sourcing service, we are owner of the hottest B2B web site China bag suppliers Sourcing we are next to none in proper manufacturer sourcing and latest accessories sourcing or developing.

    2,  Provide assistance in customers' Bags & Luggages design or collection development. 

    3,  Provide Bags & Luggages engineering and production planning.

    4,  Provide production management expertise.

    5,  Provide quality control.

    6,  Provide documentation and logistics service.

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